Frigidaire Front Loader Tumble Dryer 11KG XKR72GWTWB


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The Tumble Dryer -XKR72GWTWB is a sleek American-style front load dryer. The dryer is built for long-lasting use with high performance. It has a 7.2 CU.FT. capacity and 11 kg loading capacity. These features allow it accommodate more clothes at once. The Dryer features 4 dryer programs and 4 different temperature options. The high-temperature cotton cycle feature allows you to completely dry your towels, jeans and other heavy cotton items.


220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz, Tumble Dryer. 7.2 CU.FT. Capacity. 11kg Load capacity. 4 Dryer programs. 4 Temperature option. Anti-Rust Coated Metal drum. 3 Automatic Dryness level. Dimensions: 43.7”H x 27.09”W x 29.53”D.


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