Kenwood Food Processor FPP230


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The Kenwood Food Processor FPP230 is an efficient kitchen appliance.

Now you will be able to follow your diet with the help of this appliance. The parts are mounted on a 750 W motor that has up to 22 different functions. The food processor consists of a 2.1 liter bowl, 1.2 liter blender and a citrus press; this makes it a versatile kitchen appliance that should be owned by everybody. The blades in the blender are made of high quality steel which makes it sturdy and they will stay sharp as long as you use them. Turn your kitchen into a fun place to be.It comes with Coarse grate plate, Slice disc plate, Dough hook, Whipping tool, Spatula, Citrus press, Safety interlock & Cord storage.


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