Outback Inverter Vfxr3024e


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Available in 12V,24V,48V
Outback Solar FXR Renewable Series Inverter/Charger 3000W, 230Vac, 24Vdc, 80 Amp Charge.
Pure sine-wave technology
The appliances and electronics in a home or business need a clean, undistorted AC sine wave signal to operate properly. OutBack inverters use proprietary digital switching technology coupled to the custom, low-loss/high-e ciency transformer to deliver sine-wave AC power that’s actually cleaner than the electricity many utility companies can generate.
FX/VFX O -Grid True Sinewave Sealed & Vented Inverter/Chargers
OutBack Power true sinewave FX/VFX inverter/chargers are a complete o -grid power solution, integrating a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch in a single hardened die-cast aluminum chassis. They represent the platform upon which OutBack earned the title “masters of the o -grid,” and are found at the heart of energy systems around the globe through their wide variety of input/output voltages and frequencies.


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